The Nikon D5500 Bundle Review

The D5500 is not a DSLR camera that would normally fall under the “entry-level” category. Far from it, the camera comes across as a device suitable for any enthusiast with a few photography skills, who would like them to be reflected by the camera. Granted, you will have to dig deeper than you would have if you were buying something from the D3000 series, you get full value for your money all the way with the feature-packed Nikon D5500.


One of the perks of owning the D5500 is that your hands can finally have it easy. The compactness and the ergonomic design of the camera’s exterior show how focused Nikon are when it comes to creating cameras that fit in both hands. This is further facilitated by deep grips entrenched on the sides of the body. The single unit body of the camera (also known as a monocoque) also enhances its durability and consequently, shaves off a significant amount of weight.

Button Placement and Screen

If you have used the D5300 before, you will find that the D5500 is comfortably familiar in the way the buttons have been positioned around the 3.2-inch, LCD touchscreen. Also, the Nikon d5500 battery grip allows for better image stability.


A 24.2MP CMOS sensor with a multi-CAM 4800DX 39-point autofocus system is a definite upgrade for previous D5300  users. The highest ISO setting that can be achieved on the D5500 lenses is 25,600 without any extensions.


The D5500 delivers quite a solid performance especially in the Live View AF where the D5300 was producing some annoying lags. Video recording can be done in FHD at 1080/60p. The Nikon D5500 deals also comes with an extended battery life and is capable of taking 820 shots on a single charge. The enhanced Flat Picture Control feature is one that many experts will find useful as it allows color grading in post production.

Perhaps the only con of the D5500 is its lack of the GPS geotagging feature that allows locations to be attached to your shots. Most people won’t be bothered by this, however, as it can easily be done using a smartphone app linked to the camera. All in all, the camera looks a solid competitor with titans such as Canon and Sony. It definitely does hold a spot in the mid-range field with its professional performance and ergonomic shape.