Nikon D5300 deals and savings

As a Nikon lover (I use D750!) and a photography enthusiast, I had my chance to tackle with the Nikon D5300 quite a few times. Finding great Nikon D5300 deals wasn’t easy but nonetheless, I was able to find a great website who offered some hidden savings. I’m going to write a little about its characteristics, improvements compared to the previous models, and I’m going to share my experience with it. So let’s get started!

They say that the quality of a picture depends on the photographer’s skill, not on the type and price of the camera he uses, and it is completely true. However, each generation of DSLR cameras tends to make photography close to those who lack the skill. Thus, the Nikon model D5300. This is the model aimed at people who have very little experience with DSLR photography. It’s 24MP sensor and a 1080/60p HD video capability makes it a great choice for those who shoot stills, as well as for those who film videos. All in all, if you’re just starting your DSLR photography journey, this might just be the right camera for you.

So what has improved compared to the previous model? Well, despite looking almost the same, D5300 had some nice improvements. First of all, the display size has upgraded from 3″ to 3.2″. The resolution is now 1.04M-dot vari-angle, compared to the 921k-dot vari-angle the previous model had. Also, the battery life has upgraded from 500 shots to 600 shots. Not bad at all.

The price for the Nikon D5300 bundle is ~800$ (body), which is really cheap for the camera this good (my D750 was ~2500$ with the full equipment as I recall). You

Speaking from my experience with this camera, I would most definitely suggest it to someone willing to tackle DSLR photography. My first impression was that it was really light, even for a Nikon. The picture quality was great, considering that I used it for shooting macros. It had a really good grip to it, it just kind of fits to the hand. I had a really good time working with it.

To sum it up and the Nikon D5300 DSLR has my recommendation. The overall grade I would give to it would be 8.5/10.