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Infrared Turkey Fryer Review – Great Turkey?

You have to love technology. How else would someone have come up with an infrared turkey fryer that uses no oil? The technology is patented so you missed out if you are thinking of inventing one.  Fortunately, you will also miss out on the hassle and the mess that usually goes along with deep frying a turkey. But does it produce great tasting meat. That’s what we’ll try to figure out in this infrared turkey fryer review.

Ideally, this is a perfect method for turkeys up to approximately 16 pounds or any other large cut of pork, beef roasts, chicken or tenderloins. Once again, there is no oil to buy, get rid of, or splatter all over you and your surroundings. You’ll be cooking the inside of a cylindrical cooking chamber which is double-walled and receives its power from a propane burner which is fully enclosed. The infrared technology takes over and produces crisp, juicy, flavorful meals each time you use it. If you have a secret recipe for marinades or sauces, you can inject those or rub them directly on the meat.
Infrared Turkey Fryer

Infrared Turkey Fryer

Infrared turkey fryer review – a meal that can’t be beat

Anyone who has sampled food made in this manner has managed very few words past “Mmmm… delicious”. This is because the juices are actually sealed inside by the infrared heat. It allows your turkey to be crispy on the outside but moist and juicy on the inside. Something that is incredibly hard to do, actually nearly impossible, in an oven.

This all actually operates on the same principle as the fryers used to. But with the old fryers, injecting marinate were rubbing on seasoning was pretty much out of the question. It usually just got deluded or washed away by all that oil. The infrared turkey fryers also have a removable to drip pan which will catch all of the flavorful juices that do manage to escape, and can be used for delicious down home do it yourself gravy.

Infrared turkey fryer review – so much healthier

All the oil that the old fashioned fryers used, ugh. My arteries are snapping shut just thinking about it. Now you can safely make pork, beef, chicken and other large cuts all the way up to and including 16 pounds with a cooking time of approximately 8 to 10 minutes for each pound. Of course the internal temperature will let you know whether or not your cut of meat is done to your liking or to safety regulations. A meat thermometer is always your best bet and is actually included with most of these infrared fryers.

Thanksgiving took on a whole new meaning to creation of the infrared turkey fryers. It is now safe, easy, healthy, hassle free and mess free. You no longer have to worry about the dangers of an unsupervised old fashioned deep-fryer. Even the burner itself is contained to avoid an open flame. Far too much preparation went into the old fashioned deep fryers, only to end up being a fire hazard and a safety hazard as well. And who needs that? In fact most injuries that were reported to the safety commission for consumer products stated that they took place before the turkey was even dropped into the oil. Vapors ignited, oil was spilled… you name it, you probably can get it.

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