Is the Nikon D5300 bundle worth it?

nikon d5300 bundle kit

Okay, the Nikon D5300 bundle kit comes with a whole new set of accessories that other cameras probably or for sure do not contain. Take for example, how many cameras have 24.2 megapixels with an ability to record full HD movies? Personally, I have never come across one. As if that is not enough, the camera’s Full HD movies have stereo sounds.

Taking pictures is now much way up easier:

  • A shockingly high-resolution 3.2-inch Vari-angle LCD monitor
  • Extensive ISO range of 100-25600

Courtesy of the above features I can now take perfect pictures from complicated angles regardless of the lighting conditions that I have at my disposal.

Easy to use. Right?

I can dare say that Nikon D5300 bundle is very easy to use now that its features come in between the existing Nikon DSLR models and it is better than his predecessor which I have used since it was unveiled last year. So then, what does it contain that is different from whole other cameras in the great DSLR line up?

The camera is not lightweight and compact as the D3300 and at the same time neither is it cumbersome and bulky as the prospective D5300 bundle package. What makes it comfortable when taking pictures is that the right-hand grip is thick which means that photographers whose body anatomy has endowed them with large hands, and long fingers will take pictures without much effort or straining? Additionally, there is rubberized thumb rest at the back of the camera which adds to the strength of the grip.

I love social media platforms since they offer me with an opportunity to express myself in terms of pictures. Therefore, with the in-built wi-fi and GPS connectivity in the Nikon D5300 which can pair with ios and Android smartphone, I can now share edited pictures directly to my favorite social media networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Top ten Shaving Brush Stands 2017 Reviews

Safety razor as well as brush must always be held hygienic, which is essential for staying away from lots of health issues. It is the easiest way to increase the durability of this particular equipment and keep them in good working condition. For those who have a good shaving brush remain, it will help your shaving gear to dry properly. In such a way, you are able to keep your razor from rusting. You can also prevent your brush bristles from becoming mildewing or even damaging. Here are the Top ten Best Shaving Brush Stands 2017 Reviews. These are picked on the foundation of affordability, popularity, sturdiness, and quality. You can choose one from this list if you wish to get the best shaving clean stand.

  1. Sanwa Removing hair Brush Stand

Stainless steel is utilized for making Sanwa Shaving Clean Stand. Thus, it is tremendously long lasting and useful. It is made up of specially designed mug/bowl, that is helpful for keeping all your removing hair accessories. A small razor owner can be seen on the stand. Top quality stainless steel construction is the unusual feature of Sanwa Removing them Brush Stand. This is the ideal equipment for organizing your own shaving items in the most effective way. The overall height of the stand is 123mm. It provides you safe convenient storage space of your brush and razor blade. It can provide you proper air-drying facility, thus you can keep your shaving accessories in the absolute best way.

  1. Asher Londyn Curved Shaving Brush Remain

The Curved Shaving Remember to brush Stand offers you a sensible solution for maintaining the actual durability of your razors and also brushes. At the same time, it is the greatest equipment for keeping your current space organized and thoroughly clean. If you are very serious about damp shaving, you can surely buy this item. It has a smooth, curved design. Chrome plating adds beauty to this remember to brush stand. It has a dependable high quality construction, which is helpful for looking after your possessions without worries. If you are using this brush stand, it is possible to increase the lifetime of your useful safety razors and removing them brushes.

  1. Omega 172 Chrome

You can keep your removing hair brush elegantly if you obtain Omega 172 Chrome. It really is suitable for almost all standard dimension brushes. Plated with stainless, this shaving brush stay can hold all standard sizing shaving brushes. This is an Italian language made shaving brush endure, so it offers you more comfort and hygiene. This fashionable chrome stand is perfect for increasing the life of your shaving comb. Excellent air drying is the some other peculiar feature of this stand up. Thus, you can keep your removing them accessories in the most hygienic way. This stand is ideal for all brushes and shavers. It has a heavy base, that provides you increased stability.

7. Orpheus Wooden Shave Stay

If your bathroom is equipped with plenty of wooden or wood searching accessories or cabinets, the particular Orpheus Wooden Shave Endure will surely increase the beauty of your bathrooms. This is the perfect way to maintain your shaving razor and wash in a perfect condition. In case you have cartridge razors, they can be retained vertically. Double edge along with straight razors can be maintained horizontally. High-quality wood can be used for manufacturing this clean holder. Thus, it can avoid water in the best possible method. It has a walnut finish which increases the beauty of this removing hair stand.

  1. Slate Having a shave Brush and Razor Stand up

Do you want to keep your shaving add-ons in pristine condition? After that, you can surely purchase State Shave Brush and Razor blade Stand. This state-of-the-art shaver and brush stand is good for taking care of all your shaving components. It is perfect for accommodating most traditional size razors. High-quality resin and polished chrome bring crafting this elegant remain. It is perfect for coordinating using the Pure Budger shaving remember to brush. It has an elegant faux rosewood finish, which is helpful for stretching the life of your shaving gadgets. The company offers one year assure for this product.

  1. Luxurious Stainless Steel Brush Stand

The perfect razor and brush stay, Deluxe Stainless-Steel Brush Remain is constructed by using stainless-steel. Therefore , it is superior to brilliant or plastic brush appears. This shaving stand is designed for storing all Shavette, directly and barber razors in addition to brushes. The height of this removing them stand is 7-inches. This is actually the ideal shave stand for making sure the longevity of your comb. You can also keep your razor as well as brush in proper locations if you purchase this endure. It has a heavyweight base. Therefore it offers more stability. This particular stand is designed particularly for Shavette, barber, and straight electric shavers.

  1. Deluxe 4 Prong Safety

Manufactured by using stainless, the Deluxe 4 Prong Safety brush stand comes with 4 prongs. Among these types of, 2 prongs are devoted for safety razors, and also 2 are for a removing hair brush. The brush prongs are available in two different sizes. One is with regard to large brush, and the additional is for the small/medium wash. It offers you proper storage area of your shaving brush along with safety razor. It has an innovative design, which is helpful for helpful one small or 1 large brush. This is a well-built and most attractive shave stand up. You can seek your removing them accessories in this stand for several years.

  1. Ebony Shaving Comb Stand

The Ebony Removing hair Brush Stand looks spectacular in black plastic. If you wish to hang your brush within an inexpensive way, this is the smartest choice. You can keep your shaving equipment with proper care if you buy the Ebony Shaving Brush Stay. This stand allows your brush to dry thoroughly. This is a totally free standing shaving brush remain. But , if you want to stick it to some vertical surface, it is also feasible because it comes with a screw pit on the back. This is also a perfect brush stand for preserving the caliber of your brush.

2 . Stainless Razor and Shaving Endure

Manufactured by Super Safety Shavers, this shaving brush stay is extremely beautiful and practical. It is perfect for all regular razors and shaving tooth brushes. It has a heavyweight base, that ensures proper stability. Brilliant plated and modern appear is the other amazing top features of this shaving stand. It does not take best stand for ensuring correct brush drying, which is ideal for extending the life of your removing hair brush. You can also store your own personal razor perfectly if you order this shaving brush endure.

1 . Perfecto Deluxe Opera

The Perfecto Deluxe Shiny is ranked as the very best safety razor and clean stand due to some factors. It is the best stand for extending the life of your shaving remember to brush. This is an elegant solution for many common problems that are related to brush and razor removing them. This type of shaving can cause hassle, damage to devices, mess, in addition to occasional injuries. There are 2 prong hangers on this stand up, so your razor and comb will possess very much less risk. This stand can also be the best for preventing the expansion of rust, mold, as well as bacteria. The chrome-plated type of this shaving stand is actually marvelous. It has weighted foundation, which is helpful for keeping this upright.

Nikon D3400 Bundle and Lenses Review

Having fun with your digital camera is easy when you are in any party. If you are tired of getting low-quality images from your smartphone, you need to do something about it. We will talk a little bit about Nikon D3400 Camera and the things you can do with it.

Nikon D3400 Bundle Overview

Nikon D3400 Bundle Deals

The Nikon D3400 bundle will allow you to take outstanding, vibrant pictures right away. You will manage to take also awesome videos and share these videos with a wide array of people all over the world, which is truly amazing for anyone out there too. Also, if you use the Nikon D3400 bundle deals available online, you can be sure to save a lot of money

Changing the Photography Landscape

The Nikon D3400 Camera will change the way you take pictures these days, and this is not an exaggeration at all. If you want to get a top-quality image, the Nikon D3400 Camera is for you. You will avoid any kind of grainy and blurry image out there, and this is just the beginning of the fun today.

Nikon D3400 Lenses

The lens system will allow you to tailor the Nikon D3400 Camera to any shooting environment out there too.  Even using the best Nikon D3400 lenses, you can easily shoot subjects from any long distance. Shooting for a portrait is also easy and the same is true for landscapes.- The Nikon D3400 Camera also makes for an outstanding gift that you will love in no time too.

You might find a lot of issues trying to use the extra camera that comes with the battery,- Customer support might not be quite good.

The Nikon D3400 is a great digital device that you will love. The D3400 Digital SLR is committed to changing the way you take pictures today. Remember that the Nikon D3400 DSLR will allow you to take the high-quality pictures that you have been seeking for a long time too. There is also a set of lenses that can make your life easier right away too.

Nikon D5300 deals and savings

As a Nikon lover (I use D750!) and a photography enthusiast, I had my chance to tackle with the Nikon D5300 quite a few times. Finding great Nikon D5300 deals wasn’t easy but nonetheless, I was able to find a great website who offered some hidden savings. I’m going to write a little about its characteristics, improvements compared to the previous models, and I’m going to share my experience with it. So let’s get started!

They say that the quality of a picture depends on the photographer’s skill, not on the type and price of the camera he uses, and it is completely true. However, each generation of DSLR cameras tends to make photography close to those who lack the skill. Thus, the Nikon model D5300. This is the model aimed at people who have very little experience with DSLR photography. It’s 24MP sensor and a 1080/60p HD video capability makes it a great choice for those who shoot stills, as well as for those who film videos. All in all, if you’re just starting your DSLR photography journey, this might just be the right camera for you.

So what has improved compared to the previous model? Well, despite looking almost the same, D5300 had some nice improvements. First of all, the display size has upgraded from 3″ to 3.2″. The resolution is now 1.04M-dot vari-angle, compared to the 921k-dot vari-angle the previous model had. Also, the battery life has upgraded from 500 shots to 600 shots. Not bad at all.

The price for the Nikon D5300 bundle is ~800$ (body), which is really cheap for the camera this good (my D750 was ~2500$ with the full equipment as I recall). You

Speaking from my experience with this camera, I would most definitely suggest it to someone willing to tackle DSLR photography. My first impression was that it was really light, even for a Nikon. The picture quality was great, considering that I used it for shooting macros. It had a really good grip to it, it just kind of fits to the hand. I had a really good time working with it.

To sum it up and the Nikon D5300 DSLR has my recommendation. The overall grade I would give to it would be 8.5/10.

Get the best GoPro Hero 5 Black deals available online

GoPro formally propelled its most recent scope of activity cameras in the US and Canadian market around December a year ago, and they are at present accessible crosswise over on the web and separated retail locations. This time, we begin with the Hero5 Session, a fresh out of the plastic new activity camera that offers by far most of the abilities of the more prepared and all the more expensive Hero4 Black alongside some new elements that are select to the Hero5 game plan. Being a first class activity camera, the GoPro Hero5 Session doesn’t come modest.

Best Deals for GoPro Hero5 Black Action Camera

gopro hero 5 black deals

Sometimes, there is little one can do to get the item he really wants if he doesn’t have the budget. If you find yourself strap for cash consider these GoPro Hero 5 black deals to see if you can afford it.

There’s a little monochrome show by the screen get on the top, alongside an optional catch at the back. This blend of gets is used to explore the menu and change settings, despite the fact that it gets to some degree troubling after a point. It’s extensively less demanding to set everything up using the Capture application on a matched gadget. There are a speaker and an amplifier grille on the back, and 2 LED lights on the front which uncover to you what express the camera are in. You can incapacitate the status lights through and through from the application if you wish to go full stealth.

More about the GoPro Hero 5 Black

There’s a water-fixed fold on one side which covers the USB Type-C port and SD card opening. The Hero5 Session requires no less than a Class 10 or UHS-1 evaluated SD card in order to limit ideally. It’s lovely to see GoPro receive the current USB standard for accessibility.

Tragically, this camera still doesn’t have a tripod mount. Rather, it ships with a plastic packaging which you’ll require if you need to mount the camera onto things. The packaging is likewise adroitly outlined, giving you set examples on 3 sides so you can position the camera depending whereupon course you need to mount it in. This is particularly useful as GoPro doesn’t give any turning arms the Hero5 Session.

You get two cement mounts (one level and one twisted) in the box, alongside a Type-C link. The base of the hotel is good with more prepared Hero 4 mounts, so you can use your present extras. Generally, the camera is developed gloriously and we love its unpretentious outline.

Physically, it’s difficult to tell the new GoPro Hero 5 Black from the past model, however, there are huge changes once you get into the specifications. For one thing, the Hero5 Black gets a 10-megapixel sensor with a wide-edge point of convergence, and the video recording assurance now maximizes at 4K. It additionally gets a significantly higher burst rate of 30 casings in one minute. Waterproofing remains the same, with the unit equipped for working immersed up to 33 feet or 10 meters significant without the necessity for an extra cabin.

LED signs can be powerful onsite marketing tools

At Leading Edge Displays, we offer outdoor LED displays for the business owner who realizes the value of advertising.
LED signs
People move around quickly and can easily overlook still signs that offer nothing new or exciting. LED signs will surely catch their attention, and with an effective sign, one second is all it takes to hook them in.

While our manufacturing focus is on creating the very best LED display on the market, our primary focus is helping you develop an onsite marketing program that will capitalize on all the values that your business offers the customer.

With over fifteen years in the LED sign industry, our people are our strength and greatest asset.

You, our customers, are our priority. Your success is our success, and that is something that we will never forget. We’re very proud of the relationships we build with our clients. We are there through the process of LED display selection, installation, software support and even content creation. We are just as invested as you in your business, and we want nothing more than to help you succeed.

Your sign is only as good as the people behind it. We can help you ensure that your LED sign will increase your store’s traffic immediately. You can view the testimonials for our LED displays above to hear about our services before deciding.

Our service is above-par. If you ever need assistance with your software or your LED signs, we at Leading Edge Displays are fully prepared to provide assistance. Our personable and professional support agents can help you via phone, internet or in person to help you get your LED displays and LED Signs up in no time.

To get started on your new marketing strategy, click on the “What You Get!” button on the right, and view your LED sign options. The next step is to contact us through telephone or live chat, or click “Get Your Sign Now!” button. We’ll be more than happy to help you get the best LED signs for your business!
Leading Edge Displays LED Signs Company specializes in building LED Signs to your size and specifications.

Our led signs are some of the brightest and most vibrant on the market and some of the best visual graphics to accompany the signs, Call Now to get LED Signs! We can help you with any of your digital signs for churches needs.

What Do I (Really) Need To Know Before I Choose A Router?

There’s a huge price range when it comes to best wireless routers and we’d hate to see you spending more than you should. Ask yourself the questions below to work out what you need, then choose a router that gives you what you’re looking for at a price you can afford.

best wireless router

How big is my house? Or apartment, or store, or office, or whatever. If you’re in small business, or an old house with thick walls, you’re going to want a router that promises better range than if you’re in a three-room apartment. Also, check out our note on antennas, below: it might be cheaper to buy a router with a lower range, then improve the performance by swapping for better antennas.

How many devices will be connecting to this router? And what types of devices? This is where you’ll want to look at the wireless protocols: that’s those long strings of numbers beginning with 8. Your laptop and your smartphone almost certainly use 802.11n Wi-Fi, so if all you’re just using a few of those sorts of devices, you’re most likely fine with an 802.11n router. But if we’re talking a lot of mobile devices, plus smart TVs, game consoles, etc, etc, then you may want to take a look at the latest, more powerful Wi-Fi tech, like the 802.11ac protocol with beamforming capability (that’s where Wi-Fi signals go directly to your device, instead of bouncing all over your house at random), or MU-MIMO technology (which should provide faster performance for multiple devices but only benefits certain devices, so check out whether your laptop, smart TV or whatever is MU-MIMO-enabled before splurging on this feature).

And what will people be doing with those devices? For basic web and social media tasks – email, Facebook, Twitter and so on – a single-band router, operating on the 2.4GHz frequency band (along with other appliances that are likely to be in your home, such as microwave ovens and cordless phones) should be fine. But if anyone in your home is going to be playing online games or watching Netflix, you’re probably going to need a dual-band router. This allows you to connect to the both the 2.4GHz frequency band and the 5GHz band, which avoids signal interference and has better throughput speeds. Meanwhile, if everyone using your router is going to be gaming and/or streaming videos – or otherwise hammering the bandwidth – all at once, consider a tri-band router: these have two radios operating at 5GHz and one at 2.4GHz.

Do I need additional features? Consider the following:

  •     the number of available USB ports (to plug in printers, etc)
  •     removable antennas (so you can swap them out for high-performing antennas to boost your range, if you choose to)
  •     guest networks (so visitors to your home can use your Wi-Fi without getting access to your stuff)
  •     parental controls (so you can keep your child’s internet use within safe limits – check out this article on how to set up parental controls)

QoS (see the explanation in the first video above).

Wireless Outside Speakers and Wireless Remote Speakers

Wireless Outside Speakers

From the very beginning of the creation and since the existence of the universe sound has played a significant role. Sound itself is wireless and requires no speculations for justification. It is a necessary asset for each and every human being. Now there is a craze of wireless speakers that have been launched in the market. The old ones are outdated for which people are just flocking in huge numbers to bring a new one to their home. The new ones are of the latest trends incorporated with the finest designs and aspects within them. In one word you can just call them as outstanding. They are indeed extraordinarily different, just out of the ordinary. This item has got a lot of plus points. But the biggest plus point that it has is that here there is the least use of wires. Wireless outdoor speakers are a great choice as you can see.
As all of us know that this product is really appreciable and affordable, one must at first be well aware of the useful tools that are associated with it. You must know all the details and have an adequate amount of know-how on this particular product. It is sure that you will seek of procuring the best indoors as well as outdoor wireless speakers that can be obtained in the market. Usually it has been observed that seeing the numerous varsities of these products easily lures us people. First of all one must make sure what to buy and check out for the differences in the varieties. Wireless patio speakers is a great use of them as well.
Wireless Outside Speakers The prime difference lying between the duos is regarding the power and then the range factor. The outdoors normally is beneficial for long distances unlike the indoor that are usually meant for smaller distances. Other than that there is the presence of powered batteries in the outdoor speakers while the indoor speakers run by the means of electricity. Both these varieties almost encompass the same functions. They commonly use the 2.4 GHz signal these days. An important aspect is that you should go for a product having a lifetime warranty. Or else there are chances that you might be at risk. So it will be better if avoided.

Wireless Remote Speakers

People love to spent their time at outdoor when they really need something refreshing. If you own a home and your outdoors are well decorated then there might be something that you missed. May be it’s the correct ambience or a music system! Well, now you can go for them with just a single product. Outdoor wireless speakers are becoming the ultimate choice for people when there is a need for bringing in the right kind of musical equipment to home. Music is the sole aspect that can fit anywhere in your home. In your bedroom, living room or in the backyard you can listen to ear soothing music with right kind of speakers, which are what make wireless outdoor speakers so great.

Before some days, people used to go for music with stereo or radio. Now, DVD and iPod like high end musical systems have offered a huge impact in our life. People have exchanged their old music system with such high end gadgets. Along with that the choice for right kind of speakers too got changed. Old days speakers can not simply match with the sound quality of DVD or iPod. In other words you will find a hard way for the right configuration of a DVD with old day’s speaker. Therefore, you need modern speakers that are loaded with high end features. These speakers are coming in a wide range. Some of them are designed for indoor purpose, whereas some for outdoor purpose like ipod outdoor speakers.

However, you can not ignore the usage of wires with such speakers. Now, most of the people prefer to look for wireless speakers. With a pair of outdoor wireless speaker you can avoid the use of wire and can too listen to quality music. Installation of these speakers is easy and you can fit it anywhere in the patio or in the garden. If you want to listen to the music at your backyard then go for weather proof outdoor wireless speakers and get relaxed.

All you need to look for outdoor wireless speakers that are of great quality. These speakers are well designed and can fit with your décor. Select the place in your backyard where you want to keep. If the speakers are going to place in such a place where weather can affect it then go for weather proof speakers.

The most important task is to look for your guest’s choice. Always buy those speakers that looks attractive and can offer you great sound. Through internet you can compare the price for outdoor wireless speakers or you can move for the nearby music stores to grab one for your purpose.

Infrared Turkey Fryer Review – Great Turkey?

You have to love technology. How else would someone have come up with an infrared turkey fryer that uses no oil? The technology is patented so you missed out if you are thinking of inventing one.  Fortunately, you will also miss out on the hassle and the mess that usually goes along with deep frying a turkey. But does it produce great tasting meat. That’s what we’ll try to figure out in this infrared turkey fryer review.

Ideally, this is a perfect method for turkeys up to approximately 16 pounds or any other large cut of pork, beef roasts, chicken or tenderloins. Once again, there is no oil to buy, get rid of, or splatter all over you and your surroundings. You’ll be cooking the inside of a cylindrical cooking chamber which is double-walled and receives its power from a propane burner which is fully enclosed. The infrared technology takes over and produces crisp, juicy, flavorful meals each time you use it. If you have a secret recipe for marinades or sauces, you can inject those or rub them directly on the meat.
Infrared Turkey Fryer

Infrared Turkey Fryer

Infrared turkey fryer review – a meal that can’t be beat

Anyone who has sampled food made in this manner has managed very few words past “Mmmm… delicious”. This is because the juices are actually sealed inside by the infrared heat. It allows your turkey to be crispy on the outside but moist and juicy on the inside. Something that is incredibly hard to do, actually nearly impossible, in an oven.

This all actually operates on the same principle as the fryers used to. But with the old fryers, injecting marinate were rubbing on seasoning was pretty much out of the question. It usually just got deluded or washed away by all that oil. The infrared turkey fryers also have a removable to drip pan which will catch all of the flavorful juices that do manage to escape, and can be used for delicious down home do it yourself gravy.

Infrared turkey fryer review – so much healthier

All the oil that the old fashioned fryers used, ugh. My arteries are snapping shut just thinking about it. Now you can safely make pork, beef, chicken and other large cuts all the way up to and including 16 pounds with a cooking time of approximately 8 to 10 minutes for each pound. Of course the internal temperature will let you know whether or not your cut of meat is done to your liking or to safety regulations. A meat thermometer is always your best bet and is actually included with most of these infrared fryers.

Thanksgiving took on a whole new meaning to creation of the infrared turkey fryers. It is now safe, easy, healthy, hassle free and mess free. You no longer have to worry about the dangers of an unsupervised old fashioned deep-fryer. Even the burner itself is contained to avoid an open flame. Far too much preparation went into the old fashioned deep fryers, only to end up being a fire hazard and a safety hazard as well. And who needs that? In fact most injuries that were reported to the safety commission for consumer products stated that they took place before the turkey was even dropped into the oil. Vapors ignited, oil was spilled… you name it, you probably can get it.

Hopefully this infrared turkey fryer review has encouraged you to pick one up today. Visit: Best Air Fryer Hub

The Nikon D5500 Bundle Review

The D5500 is not a DSLR camera that would normally fall under the “entry-level” category. Far from it, the camera comes across as a device suitable for any enthusiast with a few photography skills, who would like them to be reflected by the camera. Granted, you will have to dig deeper than you would have if you were buying something from the D3000 series, you get full value for your money all the way with the feature-packed Nikon D5500.


One of the perks of owning the D5500 is that your hands can finally have it easy. The compactness and the ergonomic design of the camera’s exterior show how focused Nikon are when it comes to creating cameras that fit in both hands. This is further facilitated by deep grips entrenched on the sides of the body. The single unit body of the camera (also known as a monocoque) also enhances its durability and consequently, shaves off a significant amount of weight.

Button Placement and Screen

If you have used the D5300 before, you will find that the D5500 is comfortably familiar in the way the buttons have been positioned around the 3.2-inch, LCD touchscreen. Also, the Nikon d5500 battery grip allows for better image stability.


A 24.2MP CMOS sensor with a multi-CAM 4800DX 39-point autofocus system is a definite upgrade for previous D5300  users. The highest ISO setting that can be achieved on the D5500 lenses is 25,600 without any extensions.


The D5500 delivers quite a solid performance especially in the Live View AF where the D5300 was producing some annoying lags. Video recording can be done in FHD at 1080/60p. The Nikon D5500 deals also comes with an extended battery life and is capable of taking 820 shots on a single charge. The enhanced Flat Picture Control feature is one that many experts will find useful as it allows color grading in post production.

Perhaps the only con of the D5500 is its lack of the GPS geotagging feature that allows locations to be attached to your shots. Most people won’t be bothered by this, however, as it can easily be done using a smartphone app linked to the camera. All in all, the camera looks a solid competitor with titans such as Canon and Sony. It definitely does hold a spot in the mid-range field with its professional performance and ergonomic shape.